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"III: Doom in Bloom" to be released on vinyl by Otrebor's label, Favonian. Gatefold 2LP, remastered for the medium by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden (Deafheaven, Whirr, Wreck and Reference). Coming Spring, 2014.


When I first heard about these guys on NPR(!), I wasn’t really digging the music. Then I saw them live. Then I started listening to this album on repeat." -- My Life Is Metal


"a unique style of music with almost no sensible stylistic comparisons" -- Stuart W., Summoning Spirits.net


"Botanist is one of the most interesting and original takes on the genre we’ve heard." -- Heresy Label Blog


"We’re thinking about skipping the release of V and going straight to VI, as everyone in the band thinks that VI has not only better songs, but is the best available progression from IV. I personally feel that the emotional space that VI is in is a better reflection of where Botanist is philosophically at this time... and those songs will come over better live, too. Both V and VI are not particularly remarkable conceptually as far as going along with any form of a story. It’s more the progression of the sound of VI that makes it an interesting successor. Again, it won’t be till VII that those looking for a deep thematic concept will come about again, and I can promise it will be the most philosophically developed one." -- Otrebor, to Metal Bandcamp and Begraven Mot Norr.


San Francisco has less garage and indie rock, and more punk and metal, directly as a result of the city's ever rising cost of living and tech industry invasion inspiring more angry music, says SF Weekly's sam Lefebvre, citing Botanist specifically. Hmmm...

"It's easy to read the flourishing local metal scene as a reaction to the city's changes, too. Botanist, a one-man black-metal band with hammered dulcimer instead of guitars, details an elaborate concept about a person willfully secluded in nature until humankind destroys itself. This kind of technophobic creativity is understandable given the sharp, visible disconnection between the hi-tech industry's utopian rhetoric and the widening inequity in its backyard."


"Botanist is the spirit of an environmental monster, a self proclaimed 'eco-terrorist,' that gets channeled through musician Otrebor when he records. His words, not mine.  Whatever works, I guess, as Mandragora IV is one of the most interesting releases to come out of metal this year. The one man band has one of the more original means of making music, using a Dulcimer attached to his drumkit that he plays simultaneously along with the drums. The results are realized and highly melodic, further blurring the already smudged line that is black metal." -- Phil Maye, Bearded Gentlemen Music's Obligatory, Contrived Best Albums of the Year 2013 (#21/50)

"Transcendental, hypnotic combination of distorted dulcimer and disarming, croaked vocals. Strange and unfamiliar, but deeply rewarding. Drink Saison Dupont Biologique while listening to it." -- Beer and Life Matching's Top 6 Albums of 2013 (no order)


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