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"Ecosystem" named Album of the Year #5 by Invisible Oranges.

"Botanist’s Ecosystem is sheer magnificence not just for black metal, but all extreme music." -- Andrew Rothmund, Invisible Oranges

Toilet ov Hell's Richter names "Ecosystem" as #6 on his Albums of the Year List.


Otrebor does his first interview in French, with Thrashocore webzine.


"i suoni onirici, i cori flebili , riff fantastici" -- Andrea Facchinello, Immodest Webzine


"music nerds will like this, no-one else will." -- Goat, Metal Reviews


"der kauzige Klargesang doch viel zu zittrig und schwach, um den Songs effektiv zu mehr Dynamik zu verhelfen („Abiotic“). Um die Screams ist es leider nur geringfügig besser bestellt." -- Stephan Rajchl, Metal1.info


"La particularité même de Botanist est justement de ne pas dépouiller l'activité scientifique de tout enchantement, comme nous y a trop souvent habituée la conception cartésienne de la science comme froide maîtrise de la nature par l'homme. Le charme ne s'anéantit pas avec l'emploi de termes spécialisés, mais il change de nature, si bien que l'auditeur est à la fois pénétré de l'atmosphère musicale et de la curiosité qu'attisent les thématiques abordées." -- Scholomance Webzine


"The soothing and natural-sounding nature of the hammered dulcimer is a genius addition to this style of music that it begs the question ‘Why hasn’t this been done before?’" -- Scott Demers, Everything Is Noise


"Botanist have once again returned with an evolution of their sound, which has cemented them as the most unique and intriguing blackgaze band currently operating." -- Jonathan Adams, Heavy Blog Is Heavy

"Rêver en somme, encore et toujours, en compagnie de Botanist." -- Ikea, Thrashocore


"'Ecosystem' marks a definite turning point in the history of Botanist, but thankfully it's one that's come with almost entirely positive changes." -- Apothecary, Metal Storm

"Mais malgré l’originalité et le fait que le disque soit plaisant, il reste peu marquant voire oubliable." -- Rodea, Metal Art


"An album that impresses on so many levels." -- Thorsten, Merchants of Air


"Das geschieht mit teils harschen, aber mehrheitlich sehr lieblichen Tönen, oft mehrstimmigem Klargesang und eben den exotischen Klängen ihrer Trademarkinstrumente, die gerade auch Progressiv-Liebhaber anlocken sollten." -- Ultra Violet, streetclip.de

"Fast and sloppy drums drenched in too much compressor. Muddy bass guitar that can hardly be heard at the low end of the drums with an un-tight dulcimer way too present on top of the whole pile. (2/10)" -- Julia Katrin, Blessed Altar Zine


"Given the vast swing of emotions at play, there’s plenty to take in. [...] Those who ‘get it’ are going to enjoy this one just as much as previous efforts, as Botanist continues to conjure a fresh and unique vibe in their material that other band’s just can’t replicate. (8/10)" -- Kyle McGinn, Dead Rhetoric


"I'm not sure which is more beautiful; the declarations of harmony or the sections that tear it to shreds. (4.5/5)" -- dbizzles, Sputnik Music


"Ecosystem" released by Aural Music (CD) and Aural Music / Favonian (LP)

“It would seem then that the experiment worked.” — Langdon Hickman, Invisible Oranges


"Everything that [Botanist] creates is wholly unique, and 'Ecosystem' is no different in this regard." -- Flight of Icarus, Metal Trenches


"The contrasts on this album are tremendous" -- Rutger, Metal Utopia


"If you’re prepared to keep an open mind and invest the time to get to grips with meandering musical journey this album takes then it’s an incredibly rewarding listen. (7/10)" -- Angela Davey, Ave Noctum

"Botanist deliver a knockout blow." -- Carl Fisher, GBHBL


“Vocally the music pushes past shrieks and whispers to embrace cleaner singing that also adds a pretty cool texture to the songs.” — Brian Krasman, Meat Mead Metal


"On 'Ecosystem,' Botanist once again prove how to achieve a seamless intersection between ingenuity and accessibility. Though not what most listeners will expect from an album rooted in black metal, it’s the kind of album that commands full attention from its opening moments through its final notes. During that journey, newcomers and longtime fans alike will encounter Botanist’s finest and most refined work yet. It’s an album that enhances and builds upon all the previous alluring ideas from a band producing an inimitable sound." -- Scott Murphy, Heavy Blog Is Heavy


"'Ecosystem' allows each element of this truly unique band to shine, echoing the record’s collaborative origins." -- Ivan Belcic, Invisible Oranges

"The dulcimers are an inspired touch, at the centre of a distinctive sonic signature which nevertheless supplies the now shimmering, now juddering effect at the foundation of black metal and post-rock." -- Owen, Echoes And Dust


"Before Botanist came around, I never thought it would be possible for the hammered dulcimer to mimic the miserable discordance that defined classic black metal. And yet, as often as Ecosystem showcases the instrument’s intrinsic capacity for beauty, it reveals a hidden affinity for menace, ugliness, disgust." -- Richter, Toilet Ov Hell


"Voor mij heeft het bitter weinig met black metal te maken, maar klinkt deze plaat eerder als een onsamenhangend geheel van geluiden, geschreeuw en cleane vocalen waarvan de lijnen maar moeilijk te volgen zijn. (65/100)" -- Ioris Meeuwissen, Zware Metalen


"If you are looking for a truly unique musical experience, be sure to get yourself a copy of ['Ecosystem']." -- Infernal Masquerade


"The sense of contradiction, between a wrathful spirit and beautiful music, is at the heart of Botanist’s sound, and it is as effective as ever on 'Ecosystem.'" -- The Sound Not The Word


"Botanist has been going for 10 years strong this year, and are offering what might be their best record to date." -- Greg Kennelty, Metal Injection


Botanist completes 6-show tour of Japan.


Botanist re-issues "EP2: Hammer of Botany" with new track "Oplopanax Horridus." The addition makes the 20-minute EP a 32-minute full-length album. CD released by Aural Music, LP by Favonian / Aural Music.


Botanist interviewed by Marunouchi Muzik Magazine.

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