The following are explanations of terms used in the growing lexicon of the Botanist universe.

Arctopoides: The Sanicle Prince. Invisible godlike entity whose passing can only be measured by the plants known as the Footsteps of Spring, which grow out of the ground where he has trodden on his everlasting journey. With each step, the behemoth Arctopoides heals the land he comes in contact with.

Azalea: Whether a demon of the plantae underworld, the vengeful spirit of Nature, or merely an embodiment of schizophrenia, Azalea is the voice in The Botanist's head, instructing him on how to bring about the fall of Humanity.

Budding Dawn, The: At the end of the world, at the apocalypse of man, when people either kill themselves or each other off, The Budding Dawn will come to pass.

Chlorophyllic Continuum, The: The great collective that unites all floral energies.

Mandrake Legion, The: An army of Mandragoras brought to life through ancient alchemical cult practice. Azalea commands The Botanist to create this shrieking horde of death in order to wipe the earth clean of its enemies.

Veltheim Throne: The cathedra upon which The Botanist awaits the extinction of Humanity. It is constructed of tightly tangled Veltheimia.

Verdant Realm, The: The space, both physical and conceptual, in which the story of Botanist takes place.

Verdant Messiah: An entity shall rise to bring about the fall of Time and the Armageddon of Mankind. That entity will be known as the Verdant Messiah.