1. Light

The full spectrum radiates
Through the atmosphere
From the heavens
To the earth

Phototroph captor
Ingesting rays of blue
Devouring red spectra
Within the chloroplast
Endothermic reaction
Catabolic translation

Antenna complexes harvest the light
To the cytochome they are borne
On plastoquinone wings electrons take flight

2. Water

The sword of Phytolisis 
Tears the water asunder
Cutting a swath through the molecule
Forming a new triumvirate
Of electrons, hydrogen, oxygen

To the thylakoid lumen
Atomic gases travel
One creating adenosine triphosphate

Ferredoxin binds 
Hydrogen with its electron estranged
Cytochrome transfer 
Plastocyanin terminus
To the I of the photosystem it flies

3. Chlorophyll

The cyanobacterial portal opens
Folded invagination
To the depths of the mesosome
Sanguine light shines

Rejecting shades of green
Ray reversal from the chondrioid
Appearing verdant to our eyes

Within the chloroplast
Photosystem Circle
Ring the thylakoid

Biosynthetic electron transport chain
Carrying the charge
To chemiosmotic potential transformed
Stored chemical energy

Resonance energy transfer
From cerulean consumption
Vermillion melange
The charge separated by pairs entwined

4. Dehydration

In times of drought
When temperature rises
And the rivers run dry
Metabolic shift occurrence
Within flora's palisades

Stomata close to the heat
Anti-aridity armor inhibiting photorespiration
Preventing absorption of nutrients
Causing buildup of waste

Rubisco multi-carbon compound creation
Capting atmospheric dioxide
Binding it with oxygen
Within the mesophyll cell
Carboxylase catalyst 
Producing sustenance in times of strife

In times of drought
When temperature rises
And the rivers run dry

5. Bacteria

Intracytoplasmic membrane
Thylakoids cylindrical
From the stroma
Photosynthesis is born

Adenosine triphosphate
Carbon fixation cycle
Ribulose regeneration
Colorless anion

Engineering bacterial photosynthesis
Converting light energy to chemical power
Endosymbionts, living amongst the fauna
Enabling it to take breath

6. Stroma

Sub organelle stacks
Chloroplast edifice
Like a tower of disks
Of thylakoid daughter cells
Processing the power of the Sun

Fungal tissue mass
Structures bearing spores
Dotting the surface
Awaiting (their chemical charge)

Herein lies the origin of photosynthesis
Buried in the chloroplast
Colorless fluid

Dark reaction
Independent of light
Botanical alchemy

Photoreceptors absorbing light
CO2 and H2O synthesis
Into organic clusters of molecules they transform

Captor of light surrounding the grana
Enzymatic process of carbon melange

7. Palisade

Chloroplasts extend to reach the light
Through the thin bars of their cells
The sun shines on the imprisoned
In large vacuoles

Through cell walls sere
Oxygen diffuses
Along serpentine corridors
Mazelike stretches of narrow passages
Where the wind blows, howling
Through the endless tracts
Hydrogen transmutes
With electron partners it joins

Cylindrical palisades
Angular along the epidermis
Enabling absorption of light
Through cell walls sere

8. Oxygen

The great sylvan lungs of this world
Breathe in
Toxin gathers in its vacuoles
Repurposed for sustenance

Ingesting carbon dioxide
Within its breast
Processing the poison through photosynthesis
Feasting on the chemical energy

The great sylvan lungs of this world
Breathe out
Verdant alveolus diaspora
Releasing air

Botanical byproduct, the essence of life
For the faunal kingdom
The kingdom of flesh
Converting it again
To sustain the Verdant Realm

A toxin from one the other feeds
Cycling and recycling

The great sylvan lungs of this world
Breathe in, breathe out
Verdant alveolus diaspora
To the flora and the fauna
The survival of all